The 3rd Annual Tyrick Smith-Carter Tournament

By: Pamela Stern

On August 13th the Starrett Judo Club held their 3rd Annual Tyrick Smith-Carter Tournament at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). Tyrick Smith-Carter was an Assistant Judo Coach for the Starrett Judo Club and unfortunately lost his life when he was struck and killed by a car. To combine the love that Tyrick had for Judo and to remember that impact that Tyrick had not only on the judokas (judo students) but, on the community as a whole, the Cherry Blossom Tournament was renamed the Tyrick Smith-Carter Tournament in his memory.

Ten members of the Starrett Judo Club participated in the 3rd Annual Tyrick Smith-Carter Tournament. Coach Legros welcomed all of the judokas that came to the tournament from different dojo’s (that is the Japanese word for Judo schools) and presented Smith-Carter’s mother with flowers in memory of Tyrick.

This particular tournament is mostly for the novice level of judo students and for students who are new to tournaments but, it is also for the veteran judo students too. There were 75 competitors that came from 18 different dojo’s to take part in the 3rd Annual Tyrick Smith-Carter Tournament. The members of the Starrett Judo Club that participated were: Noah Boston, Elijah Boston, Ian Gueda, Lewis Mcdowall (this was the first tournament that these students participated in), Nathan Ciprian, Cayen Altidor, Caiden Bernanrd, Diangelo Bonserio, Kelsey Billups and veteran Black Belt, Jordan Gonzalez.

All of the members of the Starrett Judo Club placed in the tournament. Five judokas placed first and received gold medals, five placed second and received silver medals, and two members placed third and received bronze medals.

Gold Medalists:

Cayen Altidor

Caiden Bernard

**Kelsey Billups

Diangelo Bonserio

Nathan Ciprian

Silver Medalists:

**Kelsey Billups

Noah Boston

Elijah Boston

Jordan Gonzalez

**Lewis Mcdowall

Bronze Medalists:

Ian Gueda

**Lewis Mcdowall

“It is a beautiful event that celebrates the life and continues the legacy of our friend, our teacher, Tyrick,” said Assistant Coach Jeremy Bonserio.

For more information or to join the Starrett Judo Club contact Ms. E. Robinson at 718-240-4577 or [email protected]

**These judokas competed in two different divisions. Divisions are grouped by age and weight class.

Photos by: Voshon Thomas and Jeremy Bonserio

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Pamela Stern