The Opportunity Hub Hosts College Tours and Virtual Sessions for Spring Break

By Amanda Moses

The Opportunity Hub made sure to offer teens and young adults in the Spring Creek Towers community a fun and educational experience during their spring break from April 22nd to April 26th.

On April 22nd, a virtual Junior Workshop Series kicked off the week-long break with information on how to craft your college list, creating the perfect opportunity for high school students to begin thinking about their future careers. This event allowed students to discuss their future goals and aspirations.

On April 23rd, members of Spring Creek Teen Central and the Young Adults Program took a trip to Brooklyn College, which was then followed by a visit to Urban Air Adventures in Middletown, New York.  The members were able to see what campus life and the facilities looked like, and an opportunity to meet with department heads to discuss the various classes available. After learning about campus life, attendees were able to let loose and have fun at Urban Air Adventures.

On April 24th, The Opportunity Hub hosted an additional virtual Junior Workshop Series, however this time on navigating college admissions. Applying for college is no easy feat. It takes months of preparation from the fees involved, tuition planning, scholarship and grant applications, letters of recommendation, and more.  This virtual session helped students create a game plan, so they are not overwhelmed during the college application process.

On April 25th, Spring Creek Teen Central and Young Adults Program ventured off to the University of Connecticut (UCONN) to the explore the rigorous sports program as well as other academia offered on the campus. The Opportunity Hub shared that students were excited to visit UCONN since they won the March Madness Tournament. In addition, to meeting students and teachers, those attending the tour were able to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame in Massachusetts—this was the first since 2017 that Teen Central was able to return to the Hall of Fame.

On April 26th, the final session in the virtual Junior Workshop Series discussed unleashing your college essay. The biggest impression a student has to make in a college’s admissions application is their college essay. This is the opportunity for the student to unveil themselves as a person and express their passions and aspirations. A college essay is the doorway for an admission’s official to understand who the student is and their potential.

Photos courtesy of Teen Central and the Young Adults Program

Amanda Moses