What’s New at Spring Creek Teen Central


Spring Creek Teen Central (TC) is kicking off the year 2023 with a whole new program agenda filled with fun activities, field trips, college workshops, and more.

For decades, Spring Creek Teen Central has been a safe haven for youth in the community where they can socialize, get homework help, and prepare for their future endeavors. Since January, Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) non-profit, the Opportunity Hub (formerly known as the Spring Creek Recreational Fund) officially runs the Teen Central Program.

In the coming months, Teen Central will offer a plethora of sports activities as well as educational workshops. Teens will have a chance to take cooking lessons with the Sylvia Center, there will be tutoring
available twice a week with Coach K, SAT prep classes, and field trips (their first adventure will be attending a basketball game at the Barclay’s Center.) Additionally, TC will be adding an intergenerational component by partnering with JASA Starrett Senior Center to host competitive games. In April, the seniors and teens will face off in a basketball game, billiards match, and a ping pong tournament.

Meet the Teen Central Team: Helming the youth haven is Teen Central Director, Eileen Level, Assistant Director, Johnny Rosario, Site Coordinator, Gavin Edey, and Youth Development Coordinator, Jahvonte Williams.

Teen Central is open Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and can be reached at 718-642-7168. For more information follow their Instagram @TeenCentral1540

Photos Courtesy of Spring Creek Teen Central

Amanda Moses