Young Adults Program Soars

By Amanda Moses

For over two years, the Spring Creek Towers Department of Public Safety’s Young Adults Program has blossomed from a budding initiative that provides a safe and educational/recreational space for young adults who have aged out of the Teen Central Program to an innovative cultural hub.

Now, the Young Adults Program has seen about 100 members who are continuously engaging with their peers, recreational fun and have access to educational/career opportunities that foster their passions.  What began as a safe haven for those who enjoy discussing Japanese Anime, has opened even more possibilities. Members have visited the inaugural Japan Day Parade together, taken field trips to watch foreign films, played a few games at the bowling alley, and more all thanks to the Young Adults Program—many of which are experiences that they would have never had before.

Over the summer, Director of Teen Central and Young Adults Program, Eileen Level created AniTomo, which became the Brooklyn Public Library’s very first comic convention and was developed by the minds of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community. Through this event, members of the Young Adults Program were able to learn how their passion for Anime and Manga could become viable career opportunities.

“Having new found access to expose our members to hot ticketed events within their interest has elevated DPS’ Young Adults Program from the best chill spot for ages 18+ to the best place to enjoy and be involved in Japanese Pop Culture,” Level said. “Furthermore, witnessing their reactions, growth and the impact it has had on them due to their direct involvement has been a privilege! I’m there experiencing all this alongside them making this feel like dream come true as well as a testament to the impact DPS’ Young Adults Program has had on young adults in and around our community.”

On November 16th, the Young Adults Program was invited to the 25th Anniversary Concert of Cowboy Bebop, a renowned Anime, where members were able to experience the musical orchestrations behind the famous show for free. This was followed by Anime NYC’s Professional Events Celebrating Anime and Manga at the New York Public Library, where members of the program were able to compete in a debate contest.

“Then on the first day of Anime NYC, members of the Young Adults Program held down their championship win from AniTOMO Con Anime Debate in the summer and won! Voshon Thomas took home a double win as best speaker and his group won as well, which included Jomar Cort,” Level said proudly, who is also the Co-Founder of the Young Adults Program.

Level and Co-Founder DPS Sergeant Charles Royster hope to raise the bar even further, opening new experiences and opportunities for members from the Young Adults Program that they would normally dream about.

Photos Courtesy of the Young Adults Program

Amanda Moses