SELC Pre-Kindergarten Class Steps Up to the Next Challenge 


The Starrett Early Learning Center’s (SELC) Pre-Kindergarten Stepping-Up ceremony on June 18th was a sight to behold as dozens of children donned their most beautiful gowns and suits for a celebration in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium. 

Every year the students at the SELC impress their families with their extraordinary talents during these ceremonies. They always showcase their ability to listen to their teachers, perform songs in more than one language, and participate in choreographed dance routines. These perfectly performed events are thanks to the year-long work of the SELC’s staff in providing the children the building blocks necessary for their education. 

Each of the four classes displayed the lessons they have learned throughout the year with song recitals, and many were awarded for their skills such as kindness, helpfulness, crea-tivity, problem solving and more. 

Photos by Amanda Moses 

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Amanda Moses