Keppi X Zao Debuts Activewear for Children and Adults at NYFW

By Amanda Moses

Last month, Keppi X Zao designs stunned onlookers during their New York Fashion Week (NYFW) debut at Runway 7’s Sony Hall showcase. Combing its brand of active wear with leisurewear for children, Keppi X featured 30 models from ZAO Learning Education putting an emphasis on the blossoming generation to come.  On February 10th, the runway show made the statement that the future of fashion is young, bold, fun and diverse.

Children as young as five years old sauntered onto the stage like pros, hitting all of their marks in posture and poise—all the while looking cool. Some models swished their ponytails with attitude, others slid on a pair of glasses and headphones, showcasing a Rockstar demeanor in leisurewear.

Whether they were wearing suede shorts and hoodies, tennis dresses, activewear, or sweatpants, each piece of clothing underscored a sense of joy and playfulness.  Keppi X Zao designs were a showstopper and told a story about being comfortable with yourself and don’t forget the joys we once felt as children.

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses